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A quick guide to what we supply

Simmering Granules

Simmering granules are safe, clean and easy to use.  No water is required, just a couple of teaspoons, which will gradually release their fragrance over several hours.  The granules can also be placed in dishes around your home to mask any unwanted smells and are ready to use straightaway.  As they are salt-based, they do not melt, dry out or leave any residue.  They will turn white when finished, then simply throw them in the bin and choose your next scent.  No mess and no fuss.

Soy Wax Melts

If you love having amazing scents that fill your home then there is no better way than using one of our many scented wax melts.  They are safe to use and you can combine any of your scents.  We use only vegan friendly and cruelty free 100% soy wax, made from vegetable oil meaning it burns longer and cleaner, absorbing heat at a slower pace, and releasing their aromas without burning the oils within them.  They also make the perfect gift for someone special.

Luxury Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and are a great way to add constant fragrance as well as being tastefully displayed anywhere around the home.  They are safe and clean, can boost energy, provide a good nights’ sleep, relieve stress and tension.  They and can also help with focus and memory.  Turning the reeds around each week will keep the scent strong until the oil has absorbed, or, if you prefer a lighter scent just turn them less often.

Luxury Room Spray Mists

If you need to scent a room to mask any unwanted aromas and make your home smell great, room sprays are a perfect way to do this.  Our room mists give any home an extra boost of scent and provide a relaxing mood for any room in your home.  Spraying a little on your pillow can also provide a good nights sleep.  They are clean and safe and are also portable so you can take them anywhere you like, whether it be on holiday or at work.

Wax Tablets

Botanical Scented Soy Wax Tablets are great at scenting small spaces such as a cupboard or a wardrobe.  They keep your clothes smelling fresh and fragrant, and are 100% natural and biodegradable.  They last for up to a year and when they are no longer strongly scented, you can put them in a wax burner to diffuse the last of the scent.  Alternatively, you can keep them as a lovely home decoration.

Aromatherapy Candles

Candles transform an atmosphere through their scents and create a peaceful ambience. They calm the mind, stimulate memory, improve your mood, reduce anxiety and can even promote a good night’s sleep.  Our aromatherapy candles are made with 100% natural soy wax with vegetable oil, meaning the wax is biodegradable and burns cleaner, slower and longer than paraffin candles and more environmentally friendly.

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